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Paul Barham. Cool Software Architect

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What is this?

VSRE stands for "very short reply expected".

It's a way for you to indicate to the recipients of your email that they have to reply with a short (usually one to five words) reply.

Typical replies to VSRE are "Yes", "No", or "Tuesday", or “Pls send more info".

It is not a standard, just a human convention, like FYI, or RSVP.


We all get a ton of email. In most cases replying politely can be demanding.

But it shouldn't be.

When someone sends you an email with "VSRE" in the subject or the body, he/she is expecting a very short answer.

"Expected" or just "Welcome"?

This was one of the points debated on the original discussion on HN: is the recipient of an email tagged VSRE free to choose between a very short or an extended reply?

The answer is that the recipient is expected to give a short reply.

The reason behind this is that if VSRE indicated that it's up to the recipient to decide, the recipient would be left with two options:

  1. a long, polite, answer that fits our existing way of communicating.
  2. a very short, impolite for some, answer

VSRE wants to remove the overhead of going through such a decision process. So, you are expected to give a very short reply.

Do you want to give a lengthy reply? Go ahead and take the risk, we are humans we don't communicate using well defined protocols. But keep in mind that the sender didn't ask for a lengthy reply.

Use it in the email subject.

The email subject is the best place to put VSRE, it will probably help the recipient know in advance that this is an email that can be quickly answered.

Add it to your email signature

A great way to spread VSRE, and indicate to the people you exchange emails with that you would be happy to get VSRE-tagged emails is to add the following lines to your email signature.

lcome VSRE emails. Learn more at

What if the recipient doesn't know what VSRE stands for?

See above, "add it to your email signature". :-)


The idea was initially described in, and triggered a lengthy discussion on and a good number of mentions on twitter, facebook and google+. About a day later, this page was set up.

Other people said...

VSRE saved my life, how can I thank you?

Just link to this page. Help spread the word and make everyone's life easier :-)


I code lots of and there...and most are the junk that don't matter. To solve this some of them are grouped into three categories: Kepler Projects (this is my top level project list that I think it's cool), Apache Projects(open source project lead by other people) and all the rest. All my projects are open source and free to distribute. Some live solutions (like popular Kepler Responsor API), their server cost is living off public donation. So please donate if your project is benefiting from these infra provided for free.

Update at 2017: Free advertisement. Please check out this awesome app
Check it out in TechCruch interview here.

Update at Nov 6 2015: Right now in the middle of relocating some my servers from Kansas City to San Francisco, so all solutions if they are using Kepler HDDS will be taken down during this time. Will update once back online


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Entrance@NodeKepler186f Status
Kepler View Online
Kepler Crawler Online
Kepler Diagnoser2 Down
Kepler Diagnoser Online
Kepler HDDS Down
Kepler Diagnoser2 Down
Kepler Responsor Online
Kepler Naturalizer Down
Kepler Comments Generator Down
Kepler Search Down
MCS Down
EHSE Online
Spotlight - Live Online
Survivor - Secret for Dark Room Online
ApacheArchiver Down

New Why people chose EHSE as search engine alternative?

EHSE is a search engine routing system. Started from University of California, Berkeley, it handles all search requests as one and talks with information provider of your choise on your behalf. EHSE does so to shield individual users by protecting their browsing history and other private information. EHSE also prefetch the suggestion while you typing.

New Talk a little bit about KEPLER RESPONSOR

KR is really a cool idea and people love it: KR is a universal API. You call it with a string, it return you back a's that simple. What unique is, you can send it any URL on the internet, and it will do a full scan of the target webpage, and return you the full matter how the target server allow or disallow...and it's fast, a real enterprise level ready api...and it's open source. This gives developer tons of new possiblities of creating new sorts of things. One implementation is to get google search suggestions with out hitting CORS prohibition. Another implementation is to hook up with Cragislist passing by the blockage and collect info on the fly. Fun right? Fork it and join me to make it better.


TRACKER NATURALIZER is a noise-maker. It protects user's browsing history and other private information by generating random search request to mess up your online search history and make ISP difficult to track and analysis you. It runs distributively so it's also very hard to block them.

Talk a little bit about KEPLER VIEW

One of the few projects that community really excited about. Started as Code For America (, This thing fetches news for you by crawling through different contries' internet and acorssing different languages. After the targets were found, it translates them back to your langurage and present to you side by side. It allows you to discover different perspectives and angles, and see how other people see us. Powered by Apache Kafka and Spark. GLHF