Introducing Kepler Responsor API

Kepler Responsor is a cool api and people love it! Taking any URL on the internet, KR will do a full scan on the target webpage and return you the full matter how the target server set up...and it's fast, enterprise level use ready, and open source. It gives developer tons of new possiblities of doing things. Passing GET blockage, ignoring CORS status...all become possible.

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Fast and Stable

Build with python naive urllib and packed with Django™. Kepler Responsor API is lightling fast (with less than 10ms response on average) and maintains 99.99% up time

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From google search engine to craigslist, Kepler Responsor API ignores even the most stringent blockage and fetch your complete page source as always

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Open Source

Kepler Responsor API is a completely free API and will be running on Kepler186f node on the budget from donation. It is also free to distribute and open source. This ensures Kepler Responsor API is secure regarding all your requesting history. Learn more at my github #aertoria

Intuitive. Easy to use

Attach any url at the end of API address and that's it. You can use GET or getJSONP or XMLHTTP etc, it's all your call. The address below is all you need to remember

usage<any url>

This Demo take you to Google™ search DEMO

This Demo take you to Yahoo!™ news DEMO

Check these Implementations. Join us

One implementation is to get Google™ search suggestions with out hitting on CORS regulations. Google™ search engine providing an API that return the search result as well as search term suggestion. However any GET requests is blocked if not comming from a browser. Another implementation is to hook up with Cragislist™ passing by the blockage and collect info on the fly. Cragislist™ blocks any request coming from Google™ app engine and Amazon™ EC2, so this gives the app an alternative way to get response.

Example: just fetch the target in xml

Bash Shell

Example: Javascript below fetch the target

JQuery"GET"," World", false);

Alternative API address

usage<any url>

Proxy Service Demo Using Kepler Transponder™

Free to Use. Free to distribute.

Kepler Responsor API is a totally free API. KR will not collect nor track user's information. And, it is an open source project and I welcome and encourage more developer to jump in and contribute.

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